How to Capture Photo from Video on Samsung S22, S21 & Etc

It makes no difference whether you’re watching a tutorial or a movie scene on your Samsung smartphone. In any case, you’re looking for a way to take a photo from a video on your Samsung phone. Don’t be concerned because in this article you will learn how to Capture Photo from Video on Samsung S22, S21 & Etc.

Did you know that video is essentially made up of moving photos that are played at extremely fast speeds and appear to the eye to be moving? Some people prefer to record a video rather than take a single photograph, depending on their preferences. However, if you take a series of photos of the same thing, you can later convert them into video, but keep in mind that they will be silent. So, in any case, the benefit of video is that it can be converted into images.

If you are simply watching a tutorial, it makes no difference whether you take a screenshot or simply take a photograph of it in class. It is up to you whether you want to use your smartphone camera or a digital camera from your computer screen.

There is no doubt that if you have captured a video in high resolution, letter you can extract it even into the frames. So the end result is that a video is made up of several photos, and each photo is made up of several frames. In any case, each of them has its own application, so it is entirely up to you. So, let’s get started with How to Capture a Photo from a Video on Samsung Galaxy Phones.

How to Capture Photo from Video on Samsung S22, S21 & Etc

Certainly, there is no need for Galaxy users to download any third-party photo frame grabber. On Samsung Galaxy devices.

Just follow the below procedures to capture Photo from Video on Samsung S22, S21 & Etc.

Step 1. First Go to the Gallery or Samsung Video player app.

Step 2. Lockd the video from which you want to take a photo.

Step 3. Now Play the video and then tap the Quick crop button at the bottom left-hand corner. Trudge the duration bar of the video and take it to the point where you want to capture your image.

Step 4. Then You can see the preview of the image at the bottom left-hand corner.

Step 5. After that To find the photo, go to the Gallery app and then find the photo in the Video captures folder.

Capture Photo from Video on Samsung
Capture Photo from Video on Samsung

Use a Third-party App to Grab a Photo from Video – Video to Photo Frame Grabber

To grab/capture a photo from your movie is to use Video to Photo Frame Grabber The technique is simple and intuitive; all you have to do is open the programme, play a movie, conduct video frame capture at the appropriate times, take numerous photos, and then end your capturing session. After the process is finished, you will be prompted to open the collected photographs in your phone gallery.

You can also modify image parameters such as final file format, image quality, and image size. Changing the picture Quality setting has a big impact on the output file. In my case, the standard quality produced a 700kb file from a 4K film, but selecting Best produced a 4MB file with all details preserved.


  • Take hold of multiple photos from the video while playing it
  • – A tradition video player that can be easily played or paused for easier grabbing
  • – Zoom and crop private grabbed frame photo
  • – Delete unwanted captured photos with one simple swipe
  • – Set the happening photos file format, size, and quality, so you won’t need any extra converter as video to photo acts as image converter on the fly
  • – Video to Photo will adapt its interface to maximize the area screen usage
    Even more, reasons this app is best:
  • – Clean, modern, and automatic design interface
  • – Non-intrusive ads!

These were the two methods for taking a photo from a video on a Samsung Galaxy device. You have two options: use the built-in Samsung feature or a third-party app like Video to Photo Frame Grabber.

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