How to Check RAM Slots Without Opening Laptop

You want to upgrade the RAM in your PC, but you’re not sure if there are any spaces available? In this guide, you’ll learn the 2 easiest way to check RAM slots without opening laptop in Windows 10.

Meanwhile, adding memory to store and access data instead of writing and reading from a slower hard drive, therefore adding RAM (random-access memory) modules can be one approach to make your system faster.

If you wish to add more RAM memory to your system, the next question to ask is whether your PC has any spare memory slots. The ability to verify and know how many free RAM slots are available with software without removing the device is very beneficial for laptop and notebook computers.

How to Check Ram Slots Without Opening Laptop

The following methods will show you several ways to check RAM slots without opening the laptop, including Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and Windows 7,

Method 1. Check RAM Slots via Command Prompt

The first and easy steps to check RAM slots without opening laptop in Windows 10 is using CMD.

WMIC (Windows Management Interface Command) is a basic yet useful Command Prompt (CMD) application that allows you to examine system information. WMIC may also reveal the number of RAM slots on your laptop. The steps are outlined in full below:

  • Open Command Prompt (CMD).
  • Now, type the following command and press enter:
wmic memphysical get memorydevices 
How to Check RAM Slots Without Opening Laptop (3 Ways) in 2021

Finally, the Number of Memory Devices element in the Physical Memory Array structure in the SMBIOS information is used to calculate the number reported under MemoryDevices. It’s the number of hardware slots or connectors on your laptop.

How to Check RAM Slots Without Opening Laptop (3 Ways) in 2021

Method 2. Check Number of RAM Slots via Task Manager

Since Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000, the Task Manager has been an operating system component in all versions of Microsoft Windows. It allows you to see each of the activities (processes) as well as the computer’s overall performance. You may use the Task Manager to see how much memory a programme is consuming, halt a frozen application, and see what system resources are available.

  • Right-click on the taskbar and then select Task ManagHow to Check RAM Slots Without Opening Laptop (3 Ways) in 2021er.
How to Check RAM Slots Without Opening Laptop (3 Ways) in 2021
Task Manager
  • Go to the Performance tab and select Memory.

Here, you can view the number of RAM slots used and available. In my case, the total number of available RAM slots are 4 while, 2 of them are used.

Method 3. Check RAM Slots Without Opening Laptop via CPU-Z

CPU-Z is a freeware system profiling and monitoring programme for Microsoft Windows and Android that identifies the central processing unit, RAM, motherboard chipset, and other hardware aspects of a modern personal computer. CPU-Z is more thorough in nearly every area than the tools provided by Windows OS for identifying various hardware components, and so assists in identifying particular components without the need to open the case; especially, the core revision and RAM clock rate. It also provides information about the GPU in the system.

  • Download and install CPU-Z on your laptop.
  • Once installed, launch the app.
  • Go to the SPD tab and click the drop-down menu next to Slot.

So, these were the 3 methods to check RAM slots without opening laptop in Windows 10. In this post, we have shown you 3 best possible ways to check RAM slots without opening laptop. The majority of laptops feature two RAM slots. One is now in use, while the other is being readied for an update. If your laptop doesn’t have an extra RAM slot and you still want to increase RAM, you can replace the existing RAM with new RAM that has a higher capacity. However, it is worth noting that you should take care while selecting RAM for your laptop to avoid compatibility difficulties.

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