12 Best Free Chrome Extension Developers in 2021

In this article, I will name the 12 Best Free Chrome Extension for Developers, If you are using Google Chrome as a default browser and using some extensions as a favorite in daily life, so it helps you to have better domination on your duty.Chrome Extension Developers

For example, in case you are an engineer and searching for a chrome expansion to accelerate your work execution, you need to track down some helpful augmentation on creating area, here I name 12 valuable and significant expansion for designers, just read the underneath depiction to know which augmentation is the awesome engineers.

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12 Best Free Chrome Extension for Developers

• React Developer Tools

• Usersnap Chrome Extension

• JSON Viewer


Window Resizer

ColorPick Eyedropper


Ghostery-Privacy ad Blocker

IE Tab

Web Developer

Lambda Test

GoFullPage – Full page screenshot

1#. React Developer Tools

Respond engineer devices is a chrome expansion for the designer. It permits you to review the React segment chains of importance in the chrome engineer apparatuses. This augmentation has two new tabs in chrome one segment and a profiler.

The segment tab shows you the root React segments that were delivered on the page. The profiler permits you to see the exhibition detail. This expansion has 2,000,000 clients and its size is 580KB.

Chrome Extension Developers

2#. Usersnap Chrome Extension

This expansion assists you with catching and clarify any website page straightforwardly in your program. It is not difficult to give visual input on models or report bugs with this chrome expansion. Usersnap chrome augmentation has 10,000+ clients and it is free just for 15 days.

Top 5 provisions

  1. In-Browser Screenshots

You’ll get a screen capture of your client’s experience.

2. No-Code Installation

There’s no need to install any additional code on your site/app.

3. Collaborate & Communicate

Assign and track each item in Usersnap with your team. Add label, attachments, and comment to work better with each other.

4. Console Log Error

Client-side JavaScript errors are captured with the screenshot.

5. Metadata Analyzed

Usersnap can automatically include the environment data to the tickets like; URL, browser info, screen size, and time.

Chrome Extension Developers

3. JSON Viewer

It is an option in contrast to JSONView and oversees JSON information into a rapidly unmistakable pecking order see in a program window. This augmentation may crash with other JSON highlighters, you might have to debilitate them. To feature neighborhood documents and in secret tabs you have physically empower these alternatives on the expansions page. This augmentation has 1,000,000+ clients and the size is 310KB.

A few components:

• Syntax featuring

• 27 built-in themes

• Collapsible nodes

• Clickable URLs

• Option to show line number

• Option to customize your theme

• Option to customize the tab size

• Option to sort JSON by keys

Chrome Extension Developers

4#. Color Zilla

This extension is the most popular Firefox developer extension with over 5 million downloads is now available for chrome with 2,000,000+ users. With colorZilla you can get a color reading from any point in your browser, you can quickly adjust this color and paste it into another program.

Some features:

• Eyedropper- you can get the color of any pixel on the page

• Advanced color picker

• Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator

• Webpage color analyzer – get a color palette for any site

• Auto copy picked colors to clipboard

• Keyboard shortcuts

Chrome Extension Developers

5#. Window Resizer

This augmentation re-measures the program’s window to imitate different goals. This augmentation is useful for fashioners and designers to test their formats on various program goals. With window resizer, you can set the window’s width/stature, window’s position, preset symbol (telephone, tablet, PC, work area), and furthermore you have the choice to apply new measurements to the whole window. It has 600,000+ clients with 494KB size.

Chrome Extension Developers

6#. ColorPick Eyedropper

Shading pick eyedropper is a straightforward shading pick augmentation apparatus that assists you with choosing a shading from any put on the site page yet shading pick needs consent on all sites so it is good to go when you need it. To utilize the tabs API this authorization is required. Shading pick doesn’t mishandle this authorization and is profoundly configurable.

Chrome Extension Developers

7#. ActiTIME

It is a free browser extension for time tracking. You can capture your hours directly from your web browser, or use it to integrate actiTIME with other popular applications.

Key features:

• Start a Timer in Your Browser

• Pause and Edit your hours manually

• Integrate with other tools

How It Works

To use this extension you need an actiTIME account, it is a free trial.

1. Install the extension and login with your username and password.

2. Click on the timer in a new tab to start tracking time for a task.

Chrome Extension Developers

8#. Ghostery-Privacy ad Blocker

This augmentation is an incredible expansion to obstruct promotions, stop trackers, and accelerate sites.

Ghostery assists you with review and square trackers on sites you peruse to control who gathers your information and offers different presentations and experiences dashboards so you can see the data that is pertinent to you.

Ghostery’s savvy impeding element speeds up page stacks and enhances page execution via consequently hindering and unblocking trackers to meet page quality rules.

Ghostery has 2,000,000+ clients with an alternate language.

Chrome Extension Developers

9#. IE Tab

Show pages utilizing IE inside chrome. Use Java, Silverlight, ActiveX, SharePoint, and then some. This expansion assists you with testing your sites for IE6, IE7, IE8, or IE9 straightforwardly in your chrome program. IE tab can imitate web traveler and empowers you to test your site pages with an alternate form of IE. This expansion has 4,000,000+users and 905KB size.

Chrome Extension Developers

10#. Web Developer

Web developer extension adds different tool buttons to the browser. Such as, disable, cookies, CSS, forms, images, information, and more.

This extension has 1 million users on the chrome web store.

Chrome Extension Developers

11#. Lambda Test

Lambda test assists you with taking total page screen captures of site pages across changed portable and work area programs with only a single tick. You can just take screen captures straightforwardly from your nearby program and you can take direct screen captures on up to 25 diverse program and working framework setups all at once by tapping on the lambda test’s symbol and choosing the design utilizing lambda test.

Chrome Extension Developers

12#. GoFullPage – Full page screenshot

With this augmentation, you can catch a screen capture of your present page just by tapping on the expansion symbol. You can send out your picture with png, jpeg, or different PDF paper sizes and crop, explain and add your #1 emoticons to any screen capture with the new top notch supervisor. This augmentation has 4,000,000+users with 2.08MB size.

Chrome Extension Developers


 Chrome extension for developers enhances your work environment. If you want to use and install the essential extension it is available in the chrome web store. You can download any extension you want. Developers can use the above 12 Best Free Chrome Extension for Developers to speed up and to have better performance in thier workplace.

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12 Best Free Chrome Extension Developers in 2021

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