How to Connect Dell Laptop to Sony TV Wirelessly in Windows 11

Do you want to share your Dell laptop’s screen with your Sony Bravia TV wirelessly in Windows 11? There are different ways to connect your laptop to a smart TV like using an HDMI cable or connect a computer to a TV wirelessly. Still, in this specific post, we’ll show you how to Connect Dell Laptop to Sony TV Wirelessly in Windows 11.

Meanwhile, in case you’re exhausted or disturbed by the little screen on your PC during the Covid lockdown, consider using your enormous TV as a screen all things being equal. It’s awesome to have the option to unwind on your sofa while riding the web, playing PC games, or watching recordings from applications that aren’t available on your TV. Maybe you basically need a bigger view for video conferencing while caught at home.

In the interim, there are a few benefits to screen reflecting. It’s anything but a troublesome method, and it will assist you with taking advantage of whatever you do on your PC. PCs may now be associated with practically any HDTV.and you can Connect Dell Laptop to Sony TV Wirelessly in Windows 11.It could be utilized to flaunt captivating photos or movies you’ve taken to your loved ones.

You might use it to get a more vivid encounter when watching films or messing around on your PC. Numerous organizations currently use TVs for gatherings and introductions. Screen reflecting is presently a standard capacity on most TVs. You might use it on the off chance that you have a PC and a HDTV at home by following a couple of simple tasks.

What You Will Learn in This Guide:

1. Connect Dell Laptop to Sony Bravia TV Wirelessly

2. Method 1. Connect From the Settings App

3. Method 2. Connect Dell Laptop to Sony Smart TV using Cast

4. Extending vs. mirroring

Connect Dell Laptop to Sony Bravia TV Wirelessly

Wi-Fi Direct, or Miracast, is utilized to associate the PC to the TV for this situation. This requires the utilization of a savvy TV that upholds Wi-Fi Direct screen reflecting. Remote screen reflecting must likewise be upheld by your PC. This usefulness ought to be upheld by most current PCs. You might discover by looking into the elements of the processor your PC uses on the web. The two gadgets can interface straightforwardly to one another gratitude to Wi-Fi Direct.

There are 2 strategies to interface the Dell PC to your Sony Bravia TV remotely. Here’s the manner by which it’s finished:

Method 1. Connect From the Settings App

  • Turn on your Sony Bravia TV and then press the input button and select Screen mirroring.
  • Press the Windows key + I to open Settings.
  • Select Bluetooth & devices from the left pane and click Add device.
Add device.

• Choose Wireless display or dock.

Wireless display or dock

• When your desired TV name appeared, click on it.

• Now, you’ve successfully connected your Dell laptop to Sony Bravia TV wirelessly.

Method 2. Connect Dell Laptop to Sony Smart TV using Cast

There’s another way to screen mirror the Dell laptop to Sony TV wirelessly via the Cast option in Windows 10 or Windows 11.

Note: Make sure your Sony Bravia TV is in screen mirroring mode. How to use the Screen mirroring function on my BRAVIA TV

Step 1. Press Windows key + A to bring up Action Center.

Step 2. Select Cast.

Step 3. When your desired TV name appeared, click on it to connect.

Step 4. Now, you’ve successfully shared your laptop’s screen with your smart TV.

Step 5. To disconnect the screen sharing process, simply, click the Disconnect option on your laptop.

Connect Dell Laptop to Sony TV Wirelessly in Windows 11

Expanding versus reflecting

Reflecting alludes to showing a similar material on both your PC and TV screens. It’s more continuous and, as a rule, simpler than screen broadening, which includes seeing separate material on the two screens and turning your TV to turn into an expansion of your PC’s this article you can Connect Dell Laptop to Sony TV Wirelessly in Windows 11. Expanding proves to be useful when you need to watch a YouTube video on the TV while working on a bookkeeping page on your PC. It’s somewhat more troublesome, yet relying upon your hardware, it’s as yet practical. In this post, we’ll generally talk about reflecting.

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