How to Connect to a Hidden WiFi Network on Windows 11

This post shows new users steps to join or Connect to a Hidden WiFi Network on Windows 11. when using Windows 11. When a Wi-Fi network is hidden, you can’t clearly scan and find it. It will not show up on the available network on your WiFi settings page. You must know the full SSID and type it correctly before you’re enabled to join or connect to it.

For security reasons, a few institutions are stowed away from see. Albeit this is anything but a safe method to secure one’s institution, a few institutions actually arrange their Wi-Fi along these lines. At the point when you experience such a setup when utilizing Windows 11, the means underneath tell you the best way to associate with it.

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The new Windows 11 accompanies many new facets and another case work area, including focused Start menu and taskbar, adjusted corners windows, subjects and shadings that will cause any PC look and to feel current.

To get started with connecting to a hidden WiFi network, follow the steps below.

What Is a Hidden Wi-Fi Network?

Connect to a Hidden WiFi Network on Windows 11

What is a Hidden wi-fi Network?

Private WiFi networks are distant organizations that are organized to protect your organization SSID (WiFi name). Following, these kinds of organizations won’t show up in the WiFi item of your Android, Windows, iOS and different gadgets.

To join a secret WiFi organization, you need something other than a secret phrase. You should realize the organization name, WiFi security type, encryption type, and secret phrase. Likewise, you ought to ask your organization executive for these subtleties.

Connect to a Hidden WiFi Network on Windows 11

As referenced over, some WiFi networks are kept away from see for security reasons. At the point when you need to interact with such organizations, you should know the full Wi-Fi name (SSID) and private word to join.

Windows 11 has a unified area for greater part of its settings. From framework designs to making new clients and refreshing Windows, all should be possible from its System Settings sheet.

To get to System Settings, you can utilize the Windows key + I alternate route or snap on Start ==> Settings as displayed in the picture below:

Connect to a Hidden WiFi Network on Windows 11

Then again, you can utilize the inquiry box on the taskbar and quest for Settings. Then, at that point, select to open it.

Windows Settings page should seem to be like the image underneath. In Windows Settings, click Network and web, and select Wi-Fi on the right sheet of your screen displayed in the image below:

Connect to a Hidden WiFi Network on Windows 11

On the click on Wi-Fi settings pane, click on Manage known networks as shown in the image below.

Connect to a Hidden WiFi Network on Windows 11

On the Manage known networks settings pane, click the New network button to bring up the new network settings pop up.

Connect to a Hidden WiFi Network on Windows 11
Connect to a Hidden WiFi Network on Windows 11

Then, at that point, type in the organization subtleties utilizing the guide:

Type the secret Wi-Fi SSID in the Network name field. The SSID is the name of the Wi-Fi. Ought to be composed precisely.

Select the Security type starting from the drop list. You can get that from the organization overseer in case you don’t know.

Enter the password o your secret organization in the Security key field.

Check the checkboxes relating to both the Connect following and Connect regardless of whether this organization isn’t communicating options.

When saved, expecting you composed all the data effectively, you should then associate with the Wi-Fi organization.

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