How to Permanently Delete a Virtual Machine on VMware in Windows 10

While using a virtual machine in VMware Workstation or VirtualBox, you must remove it. When you’re done using an operating system, or you’re just tired of it, or you want to free up some space because a virtual machine takes up a lot of space, there’s no need to keep it. For example, if you installed macOS Catalina on VMware & VirtualBox for some reason and now want to remove it, you can do so in a few steps.In this Guide you will learn How to Permanently Delete a Virtual Machine on VMware in Windows 10 with Ease ways.

However, this allows you to make your PC run more smoothly, allowing you to make full use of your virtual machines without being bothered by clutter. VMware has made it simple for you to edit your virtual machines, though there are a few differences depending on which version of the programme you are using. In this guide, we will address these distinctions and provide you with an accurate list of steps to take in order to delete a VMware virtual machine in Windows 10.

Delete a Virtual Machine on VMware 15 and 16

However, if you need to delete a virtual machine for whatever reason, you can do so, but completely removing it is something you may not be aware of. Uninstalling a VM appears to be a quick and easy process. You may have attempted to uninstall a VM, but all you may have done was remove it from the VMware or VirtualBox library, which does not delete any of the VM files from the disc. It can only be uninstalled from the VM software library, and the files may still be present on the disk.

Permanently Delete a Virtual Machine on VMware in Windows 10

Note: By deleting a virtual machine, all the data stored on it would be fully erased.

Step 1. First Open the VMware Workstation and navigate to the list of virtual machines stored on your hard drive.

Step 2. Then Click the name of the machine you want to remove.

Delete a Virtual Machine on VMware in Windows 10

Step 3. Now, After selecting the Virtual Machine name, click the VM tab, click Manage, and then select Delete from Disk.

Delete a Virtual Machine on VMware in Windows 10

Step 4. Then Confirm the deletion process by clicking Yes in the pop-up that appears.

Delete a Virtual Machine on VMware in Windows 10

Step 5. Finally, you have successfully deleted your Virtual Machine on VMware Workstation in Windows 10.

Once deleted, you will no longer see any virtual machine files, including disc files such as VM, OS, VDI, VMDK, or anything else associated with the virtual machine. This will free up a lot of space on your disc, giving you more space and better performance.

That’s it. This feature was all about how to delete a virtual machine on VMware In today’s guide, we showed you how to delete a virtual machine on VMware in the most efficient way possible, as well as how to free up space on your hard drive. Please let us know if you found this article useful by using the comment section located below this article.

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