How to Download Good Lock on any Android Phone on Other Countries

Download Good Lock on any Android Phone There’s is no doubt that Samsung develops many of its own applications and services and one of the most anticipated apps is “Good Lock.” Unfortunately, this app is only available For some regions like the USACanadaSingapore, and some other regions. Those who are living in Asia, Africa, and some parts of Europe can’t download and install Samsung Good Lock. In this particular post, you are going Learn how to Download Good Lock on any Android Phone on other countries like Malaysia, the Philippines and etc.

Good Lock

One of the most well-known reason individuals pulls their telephone is for extra UI customizations to be opened. In their applications, most OEMs don’t convey a ton of UI customizations, yet Samsung is an eminent special case.

Samsung’s Good Lock is a set-up of applications that allows you to get to your Galaxy telephone’s finished customization limit. Solid Lock essentially includes an assortment of modules customized to change any piece of the UI, including the lock screen, notice board, ongoing menu, thus substantially more. Need a slider with vertical volume? You would have the option to go through Strong Lock to set it.

For 2020, Samsung upgraded Good Lock, carrying out a scope of new modules that give significantly more potential outcomes to customization.Download Good Lock on any Android Phone.For an outsider launcher, you’re simply not going to have this measure of customization, and it’s ideal to see Samsung offering clients the choice to dabble with the UI on their Galaxy phones.

Clients can plan their telephone as they would prefer or even add new elements through Good Lock, a set-up of Samsung-made applications called ‘modules’ that empowers clients to tweak various aspects of Samsung’s One UI tech. Presently, as a feature of the most recent Good Lock 2021 suite,Download Good Lock on any Android Phone.Samsung is completing altered Good Lock modules.


Good Lock

How to Download & Instal Good Lock in Other Countries

Samsung Good Lock Modules

  • QuickStar
  • Task Changer
  • MultiStar
  • NotiStar
  • Theme Park
  • Nice Catch
  • One-Hand Operation Plus
  • Edge Lighting Plus
  • Edge Touch
  • Sound Assistant
  • Clockface
  • NavStar
  • Routines
  • Nice Shot
  • Keys Cafe

How to Download & Instal Good Lock in Other Countries

Follow the below steps carefully to download Good Lock if it’s not available in your region or country. As you can see in the screenshot below that Good Lock isn’t available in my region on Galaxy Store.

Step 1. In this first step, you will need to eject the SIM card from your phone.

Eject the SIM card

Step 2. Now, go to the Settings app and then tap Apps.


Step 3. From the list, find Galaxy Store, tap on it to open, and then tap Force stop.

Galaxy Store > Force stop

Step 4. Tap Storage and clear both cache and data.

Storage > Clear Cache & Data

Step 5. Now, download a VPN app on your Galaxy phone. We recommend downloading the Turbo VPN Lite from the Play Store.

Turbo VPN Lite

Step 6. Open the VPN and get connected to the United States location.

United States

Step 7. Go to the Galaxy Store and search for the Good Lock app. Surprisingly, the Good lock app is available. Now, simply install it.

Good Lock

As you can see in the screenshot below that the Good Lock app is successfully installed on my phone. Now, open the app and customize your phone accordingly. In the meantime, one of my favorite Good Lock modules is Keys Cafe.

Final Words

That was pretty easy and peasy, isn’t it? This is how you can download and install Samsung Good Lock for other countries as of now. Good Lock is a customization tool to create custom themes, change the lock screen clock, or change the interface of recent apps. Here is another method to install Good Lock. Share your thoughts and comments about using this method.

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