How to Download Windows 11 Latest Version? in 2021

If you are looking to get windows 11 on your computer, then you are in the right place because I’m going to guide you on how you can download windows 11 latest version for free from the official Microsoft website. As you know right now that Windows 11 is not released but you can get the latest version of Windows 11 which is the insider preview from the Microsoft account. Even after Windows 11 is released, there’s also a matter which you can download the Windows 11 any version that you are looking for free from Microsoft website. So stay tuned with this post because you are going to learn how to download windows 11 the test version.

How to Download Windows 11 Latest Version?

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To be by and large sure right now Microsoft has just delivered the windows 11 form 22000.51 which is an insider review of Windows 11. Also, in case you’re hoping to get this variant of Windows 11 or the impending insider sneak peaks of windows 11 you can simply follow the following heading. Nonetheless, assuming you’re hoping to download Windows 11 utilizing the make introduce media, you need to hang tight for that one in light of the fact that yet it isn’t delivered. In any case, I will refresh this post when the opportunity arrives.

How to Download Windows 11 beta version?

Go to, register into the Microsoft insider see with your record, it doesn’t make any difference in case it is a Gmail account, Apple ID, iCloud, Yahoo Mail, or possibly a private concern email. Contrasted with apple, the Microsoft insider see account is free and it doesn’t cost a solitary coin consequently, so anybody can join and get their freshest beat working framework.

Download Windows 11 Latest Version

Note: Please keep me in mind that none of the insider previews so far stable, only when the windows are finalized, that is the final version. So if you are using the beta version or the insider previews make sure you test it on a virtual machine or a computer without any data.

Download Windows 11 Latest Version
Sign up for Microsoft Insider Program

The second you join inside the Microsoft insider program, sign in inside the PC with a similar Microsoft account. When you did that one open the settings, go to refreshes, Windows insider Program and snap on the begin.

Download Windows 11 Latest Version
Get started With Windows Insider Program

Now windows are asking you to pick an account to get started with the Windows Insider program. Click on the link to an account, and choose the account which is linked with the Microsoft insider program.

Download Windows 11 Latest Version
Link an account to Microsoft Insider Program

The following window is about the Windows Insider settings, fundamentally, windows are clarifying that what is the dev channel what is the beta channel and what is the delivery review channel of the windows. Furthermore, of course, they are prescribing that we need to utilize the beta adaptation of the windows that they are delivering. Additionally, I need to specify that the ones who are getting the absolute first review of the windows are the dev channel.

Click confirm and move to the next step.

Download Windows 11 Latest Version
Windows Insider Settings

Fundamentally, this progression is about agreements, where Microsoft is saying that you are helping the billions of clients by sharing the information of the Windows Insider program that you are utilizing. You need to snap to affirm and move to the following stage.

Download Windows 11 Latest Version
Agree with Windows Insider Terms

OK it is the final step where Microsoft is saying that one more step to go, so simply you have to click restart now.

Download Windows 11 Latest Version
Restart the OS

After the working framework is restarted open windows settings, go to the classification of Windows Insider program, and afterward you will see the Windows Insider program settings. Presently you can browse the engineer channel beta channel, dev channel, or the delivery review. When you can pick one of them and afterward just snap on the update and if the update was accessible you can download the most recent variant of windows utilizing the Windows Insider program.

The current rendition of Windows is delivered in the dev channel and it is the form 22000.51. In this way, in case you are truly hoping to get the Windows 11 most recent variant, pick the dev channel and get it.In the below screenshot you can see that it is downloading the Windows 11 Insider Preview.

Download Windows 11 Latest Version
Downloading Windows 11 build 22000.51

Once the download of the Windows Insider see is finished, it will introduce the Windows Insider see on the PC. When the establishment in the Did it that windows settings are finished, it will restart itself and it will it will introduce the windows 11 most recent adaptation. In general this interaction can require around one hour to download and afterward introduce windows 11.

Download Windows 11 Latest Version
Installing Windows 11 Insider preview

Once the installation is completed, click restart now to install the Windows 11 latest version.

Download Windows 11 Latest Version
Download Windows 11 Latest Version

And that is how you can download the Windows 11 latest version from Microsoft’s official website.

Download Windows 11 using the Create Windows 11 installation media

In Windows 10 at whatever point there was an update you can get the most recent rendition of Windows 10 utilizing the make introduce media. Presently right now the windows 11 make introduce media isn’t delivered however I’m expecting that dependent on Windows 10, it will be delivered at the earliest opportunity. At the point when Windows 11 is at long last delivered to the market, I will ensure the download connect.

So assuming you need to utilize windows 11 make introduce media simply download windows 11 make introduce media and afterward introduce it on your PC. Consent to agreements, pick a variant of Windows 11 and afterward download the ISO of Windows 11.

At the point when the Windows 11 make Install Media is delivered I will refresh this part with bit by bit guide and screen captures.Windows 11 Latest Version


So this is the means by which you can download the windows 11 most recent form from Microsoft’s true site with no issue. Try not to stress when Microsoft discharges the Windows 11 last form I will try to direct you on how you can download it likewise for nothing from

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