How to Make macOS Ventura Bootable USB on Windows 10/11 PC

It makes no difference whether you’re running macOS, Windows 10, Windows 11, Chrome OS, or Linux.Your computer may fail to boot for a variety of reasons, including file corruption, hardware failure, buggy software, and unexpected error.It is obvious that you must create a bootable USB in order to repair your this guide you will learn How to Make macOS Ventura Bootable USB on Windows 10/11 PC with Ease ways.

Meanwhile, at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple unveiled macOS Ventura, the latest version of its desktop operating system.This autumn, macOS Ventura, also known as macOS 13, will be released, bringing a slew of new capabilities to desktops and laptops(Typically, MacOS upgrades are released in September.)

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How to Make macOS Ventura Bootable USB on Windows 10/11 PC

Step 1. Download & Install the TransMac Software

Step 2. Create macOS 13 Ventura Bootable USB using TransMac

How do I make a GPT partition on a USB drive?

How to Make macOS Ventura Bootable USB on Windows 10/11 PC

If you want to install macOS Ventura on your Mac using a bootable USB, you’ve come to the right place.On Windows, you’ll learn how to create a macOS Ventura Bootable USB installation.

We’ll be using the TransMac app for this guide.It’s a handy storage management programme that lets Windows users directly access the file system used by Mac computers.TransMac lets you inspect and manipulate Mac files, such as renaming, copying, relocating, and deleting them.This programme allows you to instantly access Mac storage types on Windows PCs.It has the potential to be an excellent organiser for papers, photos, media, and other files.


  • Transmac for Windows PC.
  • A 16GB or more USB drive.
  • A Windows PC.

Step 1. Download & Install the TransMac Software

  • Click here to download the TransMac software.
  • Once downloaded, extract the file and click the installer file and click Next.
  • Select I accept the agreement and click Next.
  • Select the destination folder and click Next to continue.
  • Select a Start Menu folder, and click Next.
  • Click Next.
  • Finally, click Install.
  • When installed, select Finish.

Step 2. Create macOS 13 Ventura Bootable USB using TransMac

1. First Insert the USB drive and then launch the TransMac app. Wait for 10 seconds and select Run.

2. Then Right-click your USB device on the left side pane and choose Format Disk for Mac. If prompted, click Yes.

3. After that Type a volume name and click OK. Click Yes to continue. Click OK once the drive has been entirely formatted.

4. Then Right-click your USB device once more and select Restore using Disk Image. Select Yes.

5. Now, Click the 3 dots, choose the macOS Ventura DMG and open it.

6. Then Click Ok when done. Select Yes.

7. After a while, your macOS Ventura Bootable USB for Windows PC will be ready.

How do I make a GPT partition on a USB drive?

It’s possible that a USB flash drive won’t work with TransMac Software because of a partition problem.In this case, you must repeat the process and create a GPT partition on the USB flash drive.

  • Open Command Prompt as Administrator.
  • Type ‘Diskpart‘ in the open Command Prompt and press the ‘Enter’ key to run it. To examine all disks linked to your computer, run the ‘List Disk‘ command.
  • To run the command, type ‘Select disk $‘ and press the ‘Enter’ key. Here, you’ll need to change ‘$‘ with the number of your USB flash drive, such as ‘3’.
  • Type ‘Clean‘ and press the ‘Enter’ key.
  • Now, type the command ‘Convert GPT‘ and press the ‘Enter‘ key to run it in order to establish a GPT partition.
  • To complete the operation, type the command ‘Create Partition Primary’ and press the ‘Enter’ key.

After creating a GPT partition on your USB flash drive, repeat the previous steps to make macOS Ventura bootable on your Windows 10/11 computer.

this was all about How to Make macOS Ventura Bootable USB on Windows 10/11 PC.

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