How to Make Windows 11 Taskbar Rounded

Do you want to make Windows 11 Taskbar rounded? If yes then Here we will show you how to Make Windows 11 Taskbar Rounded with Ease ways.and You can add limits, rounded borders, and items to your taskbars! You may change the shape and look of the Windows 11 taskbar with RoundedTB without differing any system files or making any lasting system changes.

How to Get Rounded corners in windows 11

RoundedTB is a freeware application that allows you to round the edges of your taskbar. This tool can be used to round the edges of the taskbar and add a margin to it. This programme has also been successful in changing the appearance of the taskbar. The functionality of your taskbar, on the other hand, remains unchanged. The only benefit of installing RoundedTB on our Windows PC is that the taskbar looks better with round edges.

How to Make Windows 11 Taskbar Rounded?

Step 1. Open the Microsoft Store and then Search for RoundedTB. Once found, click Install.

Make Windows 11 Taskbar Rounded

Step 2. When installed, then click Open to launch RoundedTB.

Make Windows 11 Taskbar Rounded

Step 3. When finished,then click Apply.

Make Windows 11 Taskbar Rounded

Step 5. Here is and how Windows 11 taskbar looks in a rounded corner.

Make Windows 11 Taskbar Rounded

Step 4. For customize the Windows 11 taskbar, right-click on the RoundedTB icon and then select Show RoundedTB.

Make Windows 11 Taskbar Rounded

Step 5. Whenever you want To disable the Windows 11 rounded corners, simply, right-click on the RoundedTB icon and then choose Close RoundedTB.

Make Windows 11 Taskbar Rounded


  1. Independent Margins – a […] button seems on the margin box in the advanced settings. Toggle it on to enable different margins, which lets you set a margin for each side of the taskbar. Negative importance can also be used to hide the rounded edges on many sides of the display, allowing you to “attach” the taskbar to different sides of the screen.
  2. Dynamic Mode (Windows 11) – active mode automatically resizes taskbars to fit the number of icons in them, making the taskbar act like the Dock on macOS.
  3. Split Mode (Windows 10) – For Windows 10, the fracture mode is a simpler form of active mode. Dynamically improving the taskbar is not possible due to the smaller taskbar. Split mode, on the other hand, allows you to separate the taskbar from the system tray and resize it at will after some composition (activate this option for more information). I realize that it isn’t as cool as dynamic mode, but it’s better than nothing for now.
  4. Show System Tray – This toggles whether or not the system tray, clock, etc. is displayed in dynamic/split mode. It can be toggled at any time by pressing [Win]+[F2].
  5. Compatibility with TranslucentTB – I worked hard with Sylveon to make Translation ucentTB and RoundedTB congenial to some extent. This is an experimental feature that will cause a small flicker and requires TranslucentTB version 2021.5 to work. Enable this option to get more information.

Finally this article was all about How to make Windows 11 Taskbar rounded.

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