The 5 Best New Productivity Features in iOS 14 Widgets

Apple just released the newest version of its mobile operating system. Here’s how it will make your iPhone better.

The 5 Best New Productivity Features in iOS 14
The 5 Best New Productivity Features in iOS 14 Widgets

New Productivity Features in iOS 14 Widgets On Tuesday, Apple presented new forms of the Apple Watch and iPad. While we will simply need to sit tight somewhat more for the iPhone 12, toward the finish of the occasion, Tim Cook declared that you can download the most recent adaptation of iOS 14 beginning Wednesday. It’s loaded for certain truly incredible highlights, and it permits you to change how you collaborate with your gadget in a manner we haven’t found in quite a while.

Obviously, you may be puzzling over whether you should update. On the off chance that you have an iPhone 6S or more up to date, or an iPhone SE, you can run iOS 14, yet that doesn’t everybody should race to download it.

There’s a valid justification for that. Last year’s rollout of iOS 13 was soiled with issues, also programming bugs. Those issues incited the Defense Department to exhort against downloading iOS 13, yet rather to sit tight for form 13.1.

The beta adaptations of iOS 14 had far fewer issues than the past variant, however, it’s worth focusing on that since designers had just 24-hours’ notification that the last form was fit to be pushed to telephones, it’s conceivable that a portion of your most loved applications will not be refreshed at this point.

All things considered, there is a couple of executioner efficiency includes that may make you need to refresh your iPhone at the present time. Here are my top picks:

The 5 Best New Productivity Features in iOS 14 Widgets


Gadgets aren’t new to the iPhone, yet they’ve played a substantially more noticeable job in iOS 14. Presently, rather than being bound to the gadget cabinet, you can add them to your home screen. Apple has made some cool alternatives, including a Smart Stack, which allows you to swipe through a progression of gadgets picked dependent on your action and what Siri figures you may like. Different designers will actually want to add these new gadgets too, however – given the short notification – you may need to sit tight somewhat more for those.New Productivity Features in iOS 14 Widgets

App Clips

From the outset, I didn’t know whether I’d group App Clips as a usefulness apparatus, yet taking into account that they can save a ton of time and smooth out an assortment of cycles, I’m coming near. These are a light form of an application that you don’t need to download.

All things considered, when you place your telephone close to an item that includes Apple’s new QR code, the App Clip loads, making it simple to arrange food from a candy machine, pay for stopping, or lease a bicycle. Everything that used to be somewhat less helpful in light of the fact that you needed to download an application and make a record – all of which required some investment – just turned into significantly more instinctive and quick.

The 5 Best New Productivity Features in iOS 14 Widgets


Apple’s Messages application has consistently been the top tier, basically for portable messages. All things considered, it fell behind devoted specialized instruments like Slack since it was restricted in the highlights that matter. Presently, Apple has added a couple of much-appreciated highlights.

The first is the capacity to stick significant messages to the highest point of the application. This is an extraordinary method to effortlessly get to messages with the reaches you speak with frequently without looking through a considerable rundown.

The other significant region where Messages has improved is in bunch talks. You would now be able to label singular beneficiaries, make strung answers inside a gathering visit, and set your notices to possibly alarm you when somebody has labeled you. I don’t believe almost certainly, Messages will supplant Slack any time soon, however, it’s anything but much more helpful.


The magnificence of the AirPods is that once you associate them to your iPhone, they are naturally combined, through iCloud, to the entirety of your gadgets. The issue is, you actually needed to physically interface them each time you needed to switch between, say, your iPhone and your Mac.

With iOS 14, AirPods get more astute, and can consequently switch between gadgets dependent on the thing you’re doing. That way, when you quit paying attention to a digital broadcast on your iPhone, and rather join a Zoom approach to your Mac, the AirPods will consequently switch the sound for you. At the point when you’re set, in the event that you choose to enjoy a reprieve and watch Ted Lasso on your iPad, your AirPods will follow without you having to physically choose them on every gadget.

App Library

At last, Apple will likewise now allow you to cover up applications from your home screens and rather place them in an App Library. Android has had this fundamentally everlastingly, and it’s long past due on iOS. Truth be told, you can even shroud whole home screens. This is ideal for applications you’d prefer to keep on your gadget since you use them incidentally, yet would prefer not to have occupying room on your home screen. It likewise lessens the interruption of gazing at a gadget with many applications and organizers, each quietly asking for your consideration.

In case you’re prepared for iOS 14, I suggest first sponsorship up your gadget, either to your Mac or to iCloud. That will ensure your information and permit you to reestablish it on the off chance that something turns out badly.

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