How to Reduce Photo Size on Samsung Galaxy Devices

How to Reduce Photo Size on Samsung Galaxy Devices Easily in 2021

Do you want to change the picture size on your Galaxy phone without any app? Samsung introduced the “Resize Image” feature within the Gallery app when One UI 2.1 based on Android 10 was announced. Fortunately, this feature is still available on Android 11 (One UI 3.0 or One UI 3.1). Meanwhile, in this post, you’ll know how to reduce photo size on Samsung Galaxy devices without using any third-party image resizer app.

As you might know that whenever you capture a photo using your Galaxy camera then the image size will be too large to upload on any social media platform. In the meantime, some users tend to use image resizer or image compressor to reduce photo size on Samsung phone.

Meanwhile, when purchasing a new smartphone, we evaluate a number of variables before making our decision. Because we take so many images, one of these factors is the camera. However, unlike in the past, today’s smartphones have high-resolution cameras that create photos in megabytes. That may not appear to be an issue, but it is, particularly when sharing photographs in mass on WhatsApp or Facebook. Sharing many high-resolution photographs consumes a significant amount of data, as well as storage on your phone.

How to Reduce Photo Size on Samsung Galaxy Devices

So, without wasting any time, here are the steps to reduce photo size on Samsung Galaxy devices using the “Resize image” feature within the Gallery app. However, if your Galaxy devices are running on Android 11 then this feature will be called Resize.

Note; The steps are the some for Galaxy devices running on Android 10 (One UI 2.1 and 2.5) and Android 11 (One UI 3.0 or 3.1).

Step 1. Locate the image that you want to reduce photo size on Samsung and then tap the Edit icon at the bottom.


Step 2. Tap the three dots menu and select Resize image or Resize if you’re using Android 11.

Resize Image

Step 3. Select your desired percentage. You can select from 20% upto 80%. In this case we select 60%. Tap done.

Step 4, Finally, tap Save.

Choose your preferred percentage

As you can see in the picture below the photo size is significantly reduces from 10.89 MB upto 2.11 MB.

3 Best Apps to Reduce Photo File Size on Android Devices

1: Image Size – Photo Resizer

You can resize your pictures fast and effortlessly with this application, and you can choose between inches, centimetres, millimetres, or pixels as the output format. You may download, email, print, or share the finished image using Image Size.

2: Photo Compress 2.0

Photo Compress 2.0, as its name implies, allows you to compress a photo without compromising its quality. Isn’t this something that we all want for? You may also choose between low, medium, or high compression levels in the app. Simply select the compression method you’d like to try and hit the button to see how much the original photo and its lighter counterpart differ in size.

When it came to quality, there was virtually no difference between the compressed and original photos, which is fantastic. You may also resize, crop, and resize multiple photographs using Photo Compress 2.0. A-Pro edition of the software is now available, which allows you to save the EXIF data of your photographs and gives you additional choices.

3: Photo & Picture Resizer: Resize, Downsize, Adjust

Photo and Picture Resizer is a quick app. Don’t take our word for it; give it a go! This application shrinks your image and gives you the choice to share the final version on social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram. Photo & Picture Resizer is a good programme to use if you want to reduce the size of your photos without losing quality. This programme is one of the best and smartest resizing applications, as it maintains image aspect ratio by presenting a resolution list depending on the camera.

This post was all about how to reduce photo size on Samsung Galaxy devices using Gallery’s image reszing feature. However, we also introduces 3 best image resizer for Android devices as well, which you can use on Samsung Galaxy phone too.

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