How to Change the Safari Background Image on Mac in 2021 (Big Sur)

How to Change Safari Background Image on Mac

Do you want to change Safari background image on Mac or set a custom background image for Apple Safari? As you might know that Safari’s counterpart web browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge have added the feature to change the background wallpaper. Fortunately, Now, Mac user also can customize Safari 14 start screen with wallpapers on macOS. Meanwhile, in this guide, we’ll show you how to change Safari background image on Mac.

However, Apple has launched the Safari 14 update for users of macOS Catalina and macOS Mojave, bringing a variety of new features and enhancements ahead of the release of macOS Big Sur.

Safari 14

Safari 14 now allows you to pick your own background picture or photograph directly in the browser, allowing you to customise your home screen in Safari with a photograph or picture of your choice.

It reminds us a little of Bing’s Picture Of The Day feature, but with the Microsoft browser, the developers have the last say, and the picture changes every day with a backstory.

This picture in Safari 14 can be selected from a list supplied by Apple, or you may upload your own. Safari 14 must be downloaded and installed. The updated Safari version is compatible with Catalina, Mojave, and Big Sur.

Safari 14 New Features

  • Privacy and Security
  • Safari Extensions
  • Easy Translations
  • Tab Previews
  • Updated Start Page
  • Safari no longer supports Flash

How to Change the Safari Background Image on Mac

When you launch Safari, the start screen appears, and in macOS Big Sur, it has been revamped to include recently visited websites, Siri suggestions, privacy reports, reading lists, and iCloud tabs, among other things.

Apple allows users to personalise their browser’s home screen with wallpapers, making Safari even more personal. You may choose a wallpaper from the collection included with Safari 14 or use any image on your Mac.

So, if you’ve decided to change the Safari background image on Mac the here are the steps:

Step 1. Launch Safari web browser on your Mac.

Step 2. On the start page, click the Menu button on the bottom right-hand corner and check the box next to “Background Image.

How to Change the Safari Background Image on Mac in 2021 (Big Sur)

Step 3. Here, you can either choose from the preloaded images or select any custom image by clicking the “+” vutton.

How to Change the Safari Background Image on Mac in 2021 (Big Sur)

Step 4. Once, you’ve selected your backfround image. You’ll see the image as the new start-page background.

Safari Background Image on Mac

Safari Web Browser

Safari is already your default browser if you only use Apple devices. It may not be the quickest browser on the market (Google Chrome is substantially faster), but it’s fast enough to keep your browser from feeling sluggish. It’s built into iOS, iPadOS, and MacOS, and because of Apple’s in-house optimizations and the underlying hardware, you’ll probably enjoy greater battery life.

Safari is also very concerned about privacy and security. Safari is a smart choice if you want to limit how you’re monitored and whether Big Brother is peeking over your shoulder. If you also have an iPhone or iPad, Safari on your Mac will make the move between platforms the most smooth. When you open a webpage on an iPad or iPhone, it automatically transfers to MacOS.

This is how you can change the Safari background image on Mac. Safari 14 has a redesigned Start Page, enhanced speed, and a new tab bar design with tab previews so you can see what’s open at a glance.

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