How To Enable Sandbox In Windows 11 Pro And Home Edition

Do you want to run your system or files separately from your current windows? If yes then you are at the right place, Here we will show you how To enable Windows Sandbox in Windows 11 Pro and Home Edition.

Beginning with Windows 10, Microsoft incorporated the Windows Sandbox usefulness to help build up a safe climate that isolates running applications from the principle framework. This usefulness is entirely significant for security experts who are trying applications that are conniving or obscure.

What is Windows Sandbox

The Windows Sandbox feature debuted in Windows 10 and is still available in Windows 11. This is a useful feature for isolated environments.

It’s like a virtual machine that runs an alternate part to disengage a Windows Sandbox meeting from the host utilizing Microsoft’s hypervisor and equipment virtualization. It’s with regards to 100MB in size and introduces and runs deceitful customary applications in a different establishment from the fundamental one.

Windows Sandbox is a lightweight work area climate that permits you to run applications in a protected climate. Introduced programming in the Windows Sandbox climate remains “sandboxed,” which means it works autonomously of the host machine.

A sandbox is only for a brief time frame. All product, information, and the state are annihilated when it is shut. Each time you dispatch the program, another occurrence of the sandbox is made.that time you can easily enable Sandbox In Windows 11 Pro And Home Edition.

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System requirements

Like any product, Windows Sandbox has its requirements which should be guaranteed to run it. you should enable Sandbox In Windows 11 Pro And Home Edition.These incorporate the accompanying obligatory prerequisites regardless of whether you are running the Windows 10 Home version:

  • At least Windows 10 Version 1903.
  • Hardware Virtualization is enabled (from BIOS settings).
  • Have at least 4 GB of RAM and 1 GB of free space on the hard drive.
  • At least 2 processor cores.

Enable Windows Sandbox in Windows 11 Pro

To access Sandbox in Windows 11 Pro follow the steps that are given below.

Step 1. Go to the search bar and search for Turn Windows features on or off.

Step 2. Now in the Windows features scroll down and enable Windows Sandbox, then select OK.

Step 3. Once installed, click Restart now.

How to Open Windows Sandbox

  • Click the search icon next to the Start menu and then type Windows Sandbox.

Once showed up, click Open.

Windows Sandbox will currently open, permitting you to download and run questionable projects. It has no impact on the host PC since it runs in its own current circumstance. All information will be naturally cleaned after the Sandbox application is closed.

Enable Windows Sandbox in Windows 11 Home

Step 1. Download the following script.

Step 2. Once downloaded, run it as administrator.

Step 3. Press the Yes button and the batch file should be completed within a few minutes.

Step 4. Press Y to restart Windows to make the Sandbox feature visible in Windows Features.

So this post was all about how to enable windows sandbox in windows 11 pro & home edition.

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