Best Speech to Text Software For Android and PC

Speech to Text Software For Android and PC. Have you ever considered typing with voice or speech? If no, then you better try to consider it. Converting audio to text has many uses, such as storytelling, voice search, etc., which saves you time. There is a variety of software for this, whether you want to write an article, transcribe it, use voice search or use it in personal chats, these programs will help you. You may also need to convert an audio file to text. In this post, in this article you will learn Best Speech to Text Software For Android and PC.

1. Convert audio to text on Android

The first and most accessible app for Android users is to use the Google Gboard keyboard. With Gboard you have access to a speech-to-text application on your phone.Gboard is an extraordinary choice for this on Android. To start with, on the off chance that you don’t have Gboard, you can download it from Google Play and select it as the telephone’s default console. Then, at that point tap on a message box to open the console for yourself and subsequent to choosing the language, tap on the mouthpiece at the upper left.

Speech to Text Software For Android and PC
type with Voice on Android Phone

Presently you should simply address transform your discourse into message. You can even play a sound record to change it over to message. Google Keyboard precisely changes over about 90% of your voice to message.

2. Convert Voice to text in Windows

You can also convert audio to text using Google Docs in Windows.

Speech to Text Software For Android and PC
Type with Voice on Google Docs

I am accepting that everybody isn’t utilizing Google Docs so all things considered, they might be utilizing Microsoft Word. Rr they might be composing inside WordPress with voice. Thus, for this situation, I am prescribing that you need to utilize the Microsoft console. It has the element and the usefulness equivalent to the Gboard yet it is stunningly better contrasted and the Gboard that I have been utilizing for a long time.

To empower the touch console in Windows 11, right-click on the taskbar and pick taskbar settings. Look down to the end and pick the alternative of the touch console. In Windows 10 spot on click in the taskbar and you will see the touch console simply take a look at it, it will show up in the taskbar. You will get best Speech to Text Software For Android and PC.

on the taskbar, it will appear and you will see the option of voice their, Just click on it and start typing with your voice.

Type with your voice on Windows

If you are saying that the keyboard is very large and it is taking a large portion of your screen then you can just simply turn it into a small keyboard by going to the settings.

Speech to Text Software For Android and PC
Make the keyboard small


Voice typing is really useful for guys who cannot write really well and those guys who are impaired. That’s all with Best Speech to Text Software For Android and PC.and let me know your thoughts.

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