How to Get & Enable The Ultimate Performance Power Plan in Windows 11

Do you really want to get the “Ultimate Performance” power plan on your Windows 11 computer to boost your system’s performance? If yes then you’re at the right place. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to get and enable the Ultimate Performance power plan in Windows using CMD or Windows PowerShell.Ultimate Performance Power Plan in Windows 11

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What You Will Learn in This Guide:

1. What Exactly is the Ultimate Power Plan?

2. How Does Ultimate Performance Plan Work

3. How to Get the Ultimate Performance Power Plan in Windows 11

4. How to Enable the Ultimate Performance

5. Deleting the Ultimate Performance Plan in Windows 11

What Exactly is the Ultimate Power Plan?

By further developing the High-Performance power plan, the Ultimate Performace power plan is intended to offer a lift to high-control frameworks (think workstations and workers). Its will probably lessen or kill miniature latencies brought about by fine-grained power the board procedures. A miniature inactivity is the delay between when your working framework detects that a piece of equipment needs extra force and when it gives that force. Regardless of whether it is just a negligible part of a second, it might have an effect.

In the mean time, the Ultimate Performance plan eliminates surveying of equipment to decide if it requires extra force and permits the equipment to burn-through the entirety of the force it requires. Moreover, all force saving provisions are wound down to support execution considerably further. Subsequently, workstations that sudden spike in demand for battery power are not offered this choice of course since it devours more force and kills your battery quicker.

Besides, the Ultimate Performance plan supports execution on frameworks where equipment is continually exchanging among inactive and dynamic states. Ultimate Performance Power Plan in Windows 11. At the point when you play a game, however, the entirety of your equipment as of now cooperates to fill the scene around you. The lone significant improvement might happen at the underlying arrangement, and you may just see a couple of casings each subsequent increment. In any case, in the event that you use video altering or 3D plan programming that places huge burdens on your framework consistently, you might see a more noteworthy improvement.

How Does Ultimate Performance Plan Work

How about we contrast it with the Balanced force intend to get a feeling of how it functions. The most minimal processor state is set to 10% in the Balanced force conspire, while the greatest is set to 90%. The Ultimate Performance plan, then again, sets the base and most extreme processor states to 100%.

It essentially suggests that your CPU will continually work at full force, regardless of whether a portion of its centers are sit or have nothing to perform. That is just one gander at the numbers.

With one exemption, the Ultimate Performance plan is very indistinguishable from the High-Performance plan. In the Ultimate Performance place, the hard drive is customized to never stop turning. Regardless of whether your machine is inactive, your hard drive will keep on turning.Ultimate Performance Power Plan in Windows 11

It can help execution on frameworks when the equipment is continually entering and leaving the inactive state. Maybe than surveying the equipment to decide if a piece of equipment requires power, it permits the gadget to utilize power consistently.

In any case, the Ultimate Performance Plan depletes the Ultimate Power. As well as devouring more force, it might affect the equipment. Accordingly, it isn’t available, not to mention suggested, for all frameworks.

Since Windows planned it for top of the line PCs, the choice is empowered naturally in Windows for Workstations. In any case, any remaining Windows 11 PCs may physically acquire the ability.

How to Get the Ultimate Performance Power Plan in Windows 11

In order to get the Ultimate Performance mode, you can either use Windows powershell (CMD) or Windows PowerShell. For the purpose of this guide, we’ll use CMD.

Step 1. Run Windows PowerShell as an administrator.


Step 2. Type the following PowerShell and then press enter:

powercfg -duplicatescheme e9a42b02-d5df-448d-aa00-03f14749eb61

Step 3. When the command executes, you’ll be able to see Ultimate Performance on the console.

How to Enable the Ultimate Performance

Now, it’s time to enable the ultimate performance mode on your Windows 11.

Open Control Panel.

Click Hardware and Sound.

Hardware and Sound

Select Power Options from the list of options available.

Power Options

Select the drop-down menu next to the Show additional plans.

To enable it, simply select the radio button next to Ultimate Performance.

Ultimate Performance

Deleting the Ultimate Performance Plan in Windows 11

Users who introduce the force plan physically to their Windows 11 PC may likewise erase it. Be that as it may, before you endeavor to erase it, you should initially change to an alternate force plan. Endeavoring to eliminate an arrangement that you are as of now utilizing may unleash destruction on your whole receptacle.

  • Open Control Panel.
  • Click Hardware and Sound.
  • Select Power Options from the list of options available.
  • Click Change plan settings next to the Ultimate Performance.
Change plan settings

• Select Delete this plan.

Delete this plan

• Click OK to confirm.


This is the way you can get and empower the Ultimate Performance power plan or mode in Windows 11. Assuming you need an additional explosion of force for explicit errands, the Ultimate Performance plan can give it. Notwithstanding, be mindful while utilizing this is on the grounds that it may negatively affect your equipment and battery, which is the reason Microsoft doesn’t recommend it for battery-fueled gadgets, like workstations.Ultimate Performance Power Plan in Windows 11

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