How to upgrade Windows 11 from Windows 10 without losing data

upgrade Windows 11 from Windows 10 – The next generation operating system from Microsoft, Windows 11, was just released a few days ago. Microsoft has revealed the Windows 11 preview at its event in Redmond. The redesigned Start menu, multitasking features, and a refurbished Microsoft Store are all available in the Windows 11 preview (build 22000.51). Furthermore, visual changes are the focus of Windows 11. Technology enthusiasts are eagerly waiting to upgrade their existing system to next-generation operating system Windows 11.

Download Windows 11 Latest Version?

Windows 11 is the following greatest significant form of the Windows working framework, with the substitution of Windows 10. Windows 11 is the main working framework that we have utilized for a very long time. What was the explanation? the explanation was that while Microsoft declared Windows 10 for individuals, referenced that there will not be some other working framework after Windows 10. In any case, again Windows 10 saves its clients for quite a while and presently the vast majority are utilizing Windows 10. Because of that Microsoft persistently continues to refresh Windows 10.

With each update of Windows 10, Microsoft added intriguing elements, as in one of the updates Microsoft added the dim mode. As Windows 10 was delivered with the light mode on the lookout. Furthermore, double a year Microsoft continues to refresh the provisions for Windows 10. This would be a positive outcome which Windows 10 got over five years.

Hearing the name of Windows 11 is inconceivable on the grounds that we recalled that Microsoft again continues to refresh the elements of Windows 10. As under the codename Sun Valley, Microsoft is simply going with the entire marking name. The provisions of Windows 11 are being tried with an emulator on Windows 10 called Windows 10X.

Following are some steps which need to be followed to upgrade Windows 11 from Windows 10.

Steps to Update Windows 10 to Windows 11

1. If someone wishes to install Windows 11 on their Windows 10 computer, they must first join the Windows Insider Program and for that, they need to have a Microsoft account. If the user doesn’t have a Microsoft account they can create it from there.

upgrade to Windows 11 from Windows 10

2. Once created the Microsoft account the user will have to link it to their device with Microsoft account. And for that they have to go to “Settings>Accounts” from their computer and have to select the option “Sign in using a Microsoft account instead.”

3. After linking their account to PC, users need to register for Windows Insider Program and sign in using the same Microsoft account.

4. Switch to the “Windows Insider Program” tab and click “Get Started”. Once you’ve switched to an online account and gone through “Update & Security” in the settings.

upgrade to Windows 11 from Windows 10

Note: Go to “Settings -> Privacy -> Diagnostics and feedback -> Turn on Optional diagnostic data,” if you receive a Diagnostic data error.

5. Confirm, after selecting Microsoft account, then picking “Dev Channel,” as at present Dev Channel is the only channel where Windows 11 is available to users.

upgrade to Windows 11 from Windows 10

6. Now go to the “Windows Update” menu and choose “Check for updates.”

upgrade to Windows 11 from Windows 10
upgrade Windows 11 from Windows 10

7. Finally client’s Windows 10 PC will get the Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22000.51 update. Presently the client might download it. Be that as it may, it’s a period taking cycle so the client should keep some persistence.

8.During the establishment, the PC will reboot ordinarily. Windows 11 establishment will require a couple of hours, contingent upon the client’s gadget’s setups.

upgrade to Windows 11 from Windows 10
upgrade Windows 11 from Windows 10

9. After installation users will be able to enjoy the changes made in the next-generation OS. The best part of this process is that none of the user’s file, folder, or program will be harmed.

windows 10 upgrade windows 11

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