How to Install VMware Tool on macOS Ventura in Windows 11

Virtual machines like VMware Workstation or VirtualBox are a great platform for testing and using macOS. However, if you’ve installed macOS Ventura 13 on VMware then you may want to use it in a full-screen resolution or this guide you will learn how to Install VMware Tool on macOS Ventura in Windows 11.

On the other hand, at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple unveiled macOS Ventura, the latest version of its desktop operating system. MacOS Ventura, also known as macOS 13, will be released this autumn, bringing a slew of new features to desktops and laptops.

(MacOS upgrades are typically released in September.) 

In addition to improvements to Messages, Safari, the Mail app, and Continuity, Stage Manager is a brand-new multitasking tool.

A new version of macOS will prevent Apple’s current desktop operating system from running on a new wave of Macs. The new macOS Ventura update, for example, will not be available for the 2015 MacBook Pro.

This laptop quickly became a fan favourite because it was one of the last laptops to have a classic scissor.switch keyboard before Apple replaced it with the much-maligned butterfly keyboard. 

Fortunately, Apple has already resurrected this classic keyboard design, so there are a number of excellent Apple Silicon.powered replacements available for anyone still using the 2015 laptop.

What You Will Learn Here:

What is VMware Tools?

Install VMware Tools on macOS Ventura in Windows 11

What is VMware Tools?

VMware tools are a collection of drivers and utilities that improve the performance of the guest operating system in virtual machines.

In other words, VMware tools are designed to improve the performance, dependability, and usability of an operating system within a virtual machine. VMware tools enable time synchronisation and the integration of the guest operating system with the mouse.

Benefits of VMware Tools

Performance enhancement: VMware technologies boost efficiency by raising the maximum RAM limit, decreasing disc activity, and enhancing network speed.Reliability: The VMware tools are made to recognize and notify changes in hardware setup, which raises the dependability of virtual machines.Monitoring: Among other things, the VMware tools include the ability to monitor CPU use, disc latency, and storage capacity.Troubleshooting: Since the VMware tools are already installed in the guest operating system, they may be utilized to diagnose issues like network connection difficulties, etc.

Install VMware Tool on macOS Ventura in Windows 11

1: Launch the VMware virtual machine and power on macOS Ventura.

2. Click the VM tab and select Install VMware Tools.

VMware Tool on macOS Ventura in Windows 11

3. Once again, click on Install VMware Tools.

4. Click Continue.

VMware Tool on macOS Ventura in Windows 11

5. Click Install. Enter your Mac password and click Install Software.

6. Click on OK if you see the installer would like to modify your computer.

VMware Tool on macOS Ventura in Windows 11

7. Click on the Open Security preferences.

8. Navigate to the Privacy and Security, Scroll to the end and choose Allow and enter your Mac password and click Unlock.

9. Once the VMware Tools are installed, Restart your Virtual machine.

After successfully restarting your virtual machine, you will see the macOS Ventura full-screen mode. 

Other features of macOS Ventura on VMware on Windows PC.

That’s all.

These are the steps for installing VMware Tools in Windows 11 on macOS Ventura 13.

One advantage of installing VMware Tools is that it allows you to use macOS in full-screen mode.

If this method does not work, please go here.

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