Where is the Recycle Bin in Windows 11 and Windows 10

Everyone has a unique method of interacting with Windows. Some people prefer to have all of their icons on the screen for easy access, whereas others prefer a beautiful blank desktop.in this article we will show you Where is the Recycle Bin in Windows 11 and Windows 10 with Ease steps.

Meanwhile, you can use the Windows 10/11 Recycle Bin to recover files or folders that have been deleted from your computer or device. However, before you can search for missing items, you must first go to the Recycle Bin folder.

Furthermore, the Recycle Bin is a folder or directory in Windows that temporarily stores deleted objects. Unless they are too large, deleted files are transferred to the Recycle Bin rather than being permanently deleted from the hard disc. It is possible to restore files from the Recycle Bin to their original location. They cannot be used right now because they are in the recycling bin. The Recycle Bin has been available in all versions of Windows since Windows 95.

Meanwhile, when an item is actually removed, the Recycle Bin comes in handy. When a file is deleted, the system moves it to the Recycle Bin, where it can be restored if necessary. When a file is deleted permanently from the Recycle Bin, it cannot be recovered. In addition, when a file is removed from Windows using the DOS Command Prompt, it is permanently erased rather than being moved to the Recycle Bin. Users can alter their preferences to prevent deleted files and folders from being sent to the Recycle Bin.

What is Recycle Bin?

These files are not permanently deleted from Windows unless the user deletes the content by pressing Shift + delete. It is instead archived in the Recycle Bin folder. As a result, the Recycle Bin can be defined simply as a location where deleted files are temporarily stored. It has a wide range of advantages and applications.

  • 1; the deleted files or folders are not deleted permanently, instead, stored in it.
  • 2; if you have accidentally deleted any file or folder, it functions as a safe folder for you to retrieve the files back.
  • 3: you can restore the deleted files to their original location.
  • 4: the content remains there until you decide to remove them permanently.
  • 5: if the space in your PC gets full, Windows automatically erases old files from the recycle bin to create more space.

Where is the Recycle Bin in Windows 11 and Windows 10

If your recycle bin is missing from your Windows desktop, follow the steps below to restore it:

Step 1. First Right-click on the desktop and then choose Personalize.

Where is Recycle Bin in Windows 11 and Windows 10

Step 2. Then Select Themes.

Step 3. Here, click Desktop icon settings.

Where is Recycle Bin in Windows 11 and Windows 10

Step 4. Now, Select the Recycle Bin checkbox and then click Apply > OK.

Where is Recycle Bin in Windows 11 and Windows 10

Here you can see the recycle bin has been successfully added back to your Windows 11/10 desktop with Ease.

How to Open the Recycle Bin on Windows 11/10

Method 1. Use the Recycle Bin shortcut from the Desktop

By default, the Recycle Bin should be in the upper’left corner of your Desktop. This is the quickest method for getting to the Recycle Bin. Locate the folder icon on your Desktop and either select it and press Enter on your keyboard, or double-click or double-tap on it. By right’clicking or pressing and holding the icon, you can also open a contextual menu. By clicking or tapping on it, you can get to Open.

Where is Recycle Bin in Windows 11 and Windows 10

Method 2. Open Recycle Bin via Run Box

  • First Press Windows key + R to open Run.
  • Then Type the following command, and press Enter.

explorer.exe shell:RecycleBinFolder

Method 3. Use File Explorer’s address bar to open Recycle Bin

You can find the location of the Recycle Bin in Windows 10/11 File Explorer by using the methods listed below.

To edit an empty area in your address bar, open File Explorer and click or tap on it. To open File Explorer directly, press Windows + E.

Then Type Recycle Bin and then press enter.

Method 4. Open the Recycle Bin from PowerShell

  • First Open Windows PowerShell.
  • Then Type the following command and press enter.

start shell:RecycleBinFolder

  • This will open Recycle Bin immediately.

So this post was all about where to find the recycle bin in Windows 11 or Windows 10 if it has vanished from your Windows 11/10 desktop.

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Where is the Recycle Bin in Windows 10 and Windows 11?

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